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Roya Amini (born 1974 in Marivan, Iran) is a Florence-based artist and photographer.

Roya attended Art & Architectural university [1994-1999], where she studied Photography and gained her Bachelor of Art and continued her higher education in Photography by completing her Master of Art from Tehran University. Soon after graduation, she taught photography & art subjects in Art Schools alongside setting up her own studio where she ran workshops for students and [professionals, and delivered photography projects as a freelancer.

Roya Amini moved to Italy in 2003 to attend a 4-year programme in Photography in LABA (Libera Accademia Di Belle Arti). After successfully completing the programme, she collaborated with LABA in delivering training and running photo print workshops. Roya then joined the studio called “Movie & Sound”, located in Vallina where she worked on recovering cinema movies.

Alongside her professional engagements, She has a been interest for alternative photography, conducts research on the subject and attends relevant workshops. ( Cynotype , Collodion , Gum Bichromate .
Now She is member of the association donne fotografe italiana.

Roya Amini is questioning the duality of our inner with the surrounding environment and what is comes from outside , she using her own body as a medium , the body as both process and subject/object .

Collage is another technique demonstrated by Roya Amini’s art. She believes the unorganised structure of a collage enables the artist to create own structure which should not be overlooked. Roya refers this to life where we can’t control everything and external events are a factor in forming our reality.


1996 Sheed Negaran, Centro Culturale, Tehran/Iran

1995 Galleria d’Arte Jahannama, Tehran /Iran

2000 Galleria d’Arte Asar Tehran /Iran

2002 Gomma Bicromata, mostra allo Studio dell’artista Tehran/Iran

2005 Verso i monti dei profumi, Villa Poggio Reale, Rufina (FI)

2005 Oltre il corpo, Galleria d’Arte CarloLivi, Prato

2006 Non solo…coppie, Sincretismi e punti di vista, Studio Poli Bulichelli Architetti, Cecina (LI)

2006 Vedute Urbane, Studio Poli Bulichelli Architetti, Cecina (LI)

2008 Liberi a parte Arte al Parterre, Libreria II Parterre, Firenze

2011 Visibiliars, Complesso Ex Murate Sala di Vetro, Firenze

2012 Electro BAU, Galleria d’Arte Moderna e Contemporanea Lorenzo Viani, Viareggio (LU)

LU.C.C.Museum, Lucca

Museo d’Arte contemporanea Villa Croce, Genova

Galleria Magazzino 1B, Prato

Fondazione Berardelli, Brescia

2013 Il Corpo Solitario, L’autoscatto nella fotografia contemporanea, Palazzo della Penna , Perugia

2013 Dove sta ZA, Casa -Studio -Ottone Rosai , Biblioteca Centrale Nazionale, Firenze

2015 Vitamine, Archivio Carlo Palli, Museo del Novecento, Firenze GAMC, Viareggio MART, Rovereto Teatro Metastasio Centro Arte Contemporanea, Museo Pecci, Prato


-Vitamine (catalogo della mostra itinerante dell’ Archivio Carlo Palli di Prato, a cura di Laura Monaldi), Edizioni Polistampa, 2015

-Premio Internazionale Limen Arte, (catalogo della mostra presso il Palazzo Comunale Gagliardi di Vibo Valentia), Rubettino Editore, 2013

- Il corpo solitario. L’autoscatto nella fotografia contemporanea, (catalogo della mostra presso Palazzo della Penna in Perugia a cura di Giorgio Bonomi), Rubettino editore, 2013

-BAU NOVE (catalogo della mostra itinerante Electro BAU), edizione BAU Contenitore di Cultura Contemporanea, 2012, 32pp.

-Visibiliars. Dentro e fuori l’immagine (catalogo mostra presso il complesso ex Murate Sala di Vetro in Firenze), 2011

-L’Altra metà del lavoro (catalogo dei finalisti del concorso ANMIL/INAIL di Roma), Milano, Tipolitografia INAIL, 2006

Oltre il corpo (catalogo della mostra presso Galleria d’Arte CarloLivi115 in Prato), 2005

Private Collection:

Archivio italiano dell'Autoritratto Fotografico 

Consiglio Regionale Toscana, Firenze

Archivio Carlo Palli, Prato

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